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Many many years ago, last century actually, I was in a jewelry store in New Orleans and I was talking to a young salesman, who was the owner’s son. After a little bit of chit chatting, his father showed up and he found out that I had previously worked for GIA

Guess what? The father began to give me his big long list of how GIA had ruined the jewelry business by teaching about Gemology and issuing diamond grading reports.

I guess some people handle change well, and others do not.

Please Note: Note all Diamond Grading Reports are created equally! There are the reports from the solid trusted labs (GIA, AGS, GCAL) and then there is everybody else. Please steer clear of any report other than GIA, AGS, or GCAL.

Also accept the two following invitations to watch informative videos, it will be well worth your time…. along with working your way down this page to read the important take away points.

Also a great 12 minute report from NBC Dateline about the use and abuse of Diamond Grading Reports. It was originally aired in 2005 but I’m afraid that the situation hasn’t changed too much since then.

Click on this link and a small pop up window will show you the video.

If this link is not working, please make sure Java Script is enabled and you might get an alert from Flash player asking for permission to connect to NBC Media, just click OK.

What’s the Information Found in a Grading Report?

Diamond Shape and Diamond Faceting Style – Diamond shapes refers to the outline of the diamond…. Round Brilliant Cut, Pear Shape, Heart Shape, etc.¬†Faceting (Cutting) Style refers to the facet style…. Brilliant, Step, or Mixed Faceting Style.

Measurement – Usually listed to the hundredth of a millimeter (5.12mm). Round Brilliant Cut diamonds- “minimum to maximum diameter x depth”. Fancy shape diamonds- “length x width x depth”.

Diamond Carat Weight – Must display diamond carat weight out to the hundredth of a carat (1.12ct.), some diamond grading reports show carat weight out to the thousandth of a carat (1.123ct.).

This is the easiest of the 4Cs to determine, they just throw it on the scale and write down what it weighs!

Diamond Color – Assigned a full diamond color grade, you will never see “diamond color grade ranges” (G-H, I-J-K, etc.). A diamond color grade range is only seen on appraisals for mounted stones.

Diamond Clarity – The labs use a system of having several graders each calling the diamond clarity grade…. a system of checks and balances along with a good dose of CYA.