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3 stone diamond earringQ- How can I prevent damaging my diamond?

A- While diamond is the hardest known natural substance on earth it doesn’t mean that they can’t be damaged. A diamond can scratch another diamond, so when storing your diamond jewelry make sure it isn’t touching any other diamonds.

A diamond can also chip or crack if it is hit in the right direction with the right amount of pressure. This is especially true when it comes to diamonds with very thin girdles and the points of some fancy shaped diamonds.

So any diamonds worn on your fingers or wrists should not be worn during strenuous exercise, sports, gardening, heavy housework, etc.

Q- OK, so if my diamond gets damaged can it be repaired?

A- Most of the time, yes. It will of course need to be shown to a professional jeweler.

The diamond would need to be removed from its mounting and given to a diamond cutter. The loss in diamond carat weight will be able to be determined and a price for the work can be estimated. At this time you could opt to have the diamond sent into a diamond grading lab for a new diamond grading report as these can only be generated when a diamond is unmounted.

I do know a local diamond cutter that spends quite a bit of his time repairing Princess Cut diamonds that have had their corners chipped during setting or in normal wear.

Q- What is the Rap price list and do I need it?

A- The Rapaport Diamond Report is a diamond wholesale pricing guide that has been around since the late 70s. I could make an entirely new website just discussing the ins and outs of the “Rap sheet”… but you really don’t need to give it a second thought.

The pricing of diamonds is a bit more complicated than just referring to the Rap sheet because in the hands of a sharp individual, they could use it to lead people into believing that they are getting a real bargain when they are not!…. “I drove a hard bargain and I got my diamond at 20% below Rap!”

Everyone already has a great diamond price guide to work with by checking the diamond prices on a trusted online diamond retailer like JamesAllen.com, or others like Whiteflash, BlueNile, etc.

I’ll be adding additional FAQs soon….