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This is a recent email that was sent to us to tell us why Forevermark diamonds are some of the most highly regarded in the industry. It goes like this…

I do not agree with this writer’s opinions on Forevermark diamonds. I work in the industry at an Independent Retailer. I have handled Forevermark diamonds for 2 years. I have been in the industry for 15 years and seen many many diamonds. I also am a graduated gemologist with GIA.

I believe that even though DeBeers allows very good to excellent ratings the radiance that there diamonds can process 98 % of the time far surpasses that of my GIA excellent cut diamonds on hand.

I do side by side comparisons everyday with my clients and every single one can immediately tell the difference. As a preferred partner with DeBeers I have also had the honor to meet several representatives from DeBeers (Which was Quite the honor) that have confirmed to me the steps in which these diamonds are chosen.

What your writer doesn’t probably know is that these diamonds are sourced from the mines then determined to be set aside in the rough state, discerning their natural beauty. From there they are sent to the lab in London where only the highest qualifying diamond cutters in the world would be able to cut the stones.

But first they are inspected again for blemishes and the types of inclusions that are in the stone. And then they might pass the grade to be cut. After the cutting process is complete it will receive the Forevermark inscription only if it meets the highest quality standards. Believe me folks there is nothing gimmicky about these diamonds.

Not like some branded diamonds with their 100+ facets in order to hide a flawed diamond. This is a traditional 58 facets here. And also, their labs for certification are not even in the same building!

They are absolutely done with standards as high as GIA or AGS. And are absolutely done by 5 different graduated gemologists with no cross contaminating of their results. So you see people you can’t believe everything you read on the web.

I’ve seen them, examined them, and even their price is only 1-5% more than a comparable diamond on the market. My best advice would be: Don’t buy a diamond online. This is a precious gem from deep within the Earth and the only way to fully determine the diamonds beauty is to check them out for yourself with a reputable independent jeweler in your area.